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Maralinga & Beyond (20 days)  

Join Vic Widman and Ian Bragg on this epic trip that takes you into the heart of the Atomic testing facilities in South Australia. We have arranged special access through Maralinga atomic test site and then onto the Emu (Totem one and Totem two) nuclear test sites. But this trip offers far more than visiting Australia's past atomic testing history. We have included the beautiful Mt Ive Station, Lake Gairdner and Gawler Ranges, an amazing two day drive down Goog's Track,  then some of the best beach and sand dune driving at Ceduna and Fowlers Bay before we gain access to Maralinga and Emu. Following this amazing adventure we continue along the full length of the Anne Beadell Hwy to the Great Central road to then access the remote Surveyor General's Corner. We will finish the tour by catching sunset on Uluru, and conclude at Yulara.

Have a look at some fabulous footage shot by John Morton of 4x4 Videos of Australia on our 2016 Tour! 

Basic Requirements for this Tour

The 4WD
Suitable to 4WDrives with high and low range.
Not suitable for Trailers
Your 4WD should have recovery points located at the front and rear
We recommend heavy duty springs and shock absorbers and a Cargo Barrier
A vehicle pre-trip check prior to departure is recommended

Total fuel capacity for the Maralinga tour as follows:-
V8 Diesel engines 220 litres
Other Diesel engines 165 litres             
Petrol engines 250 litres             

Please note, if you are unsure of how much fuel you will use in sandy conditions when fully loaded, please contact us to discuss your vehicle and its likely consumption.

A UHF radio – we can hire you a radio
Carry a snatch strap and rated shackles (see our shop if you need recovery equipment)
Spare fan belts, fuel filter, oil and brake fluid, 1 extra spare tyre
Spare front and spare rear shock absorber plus an assortment of shock rubbers and leaf spring rubbers where fitted
Assorted fuses of 10amp, 15 amp and 20 amp to suit the vehicle plus spare fuses for UHF radio and fridge

Driver experience
Prior experience not necessary as we will assist you as we go or you might consider attending our driver training course. - Do you require Driver Training?

This is a self catered tour, bring your own food and drink requirements, we supply a gas BBQ for your use in camp. Carry 5 extra days of emergency food supplies.

20 litres of water per person up to a total of 50 litres

Camping gear
You need to supply your own camping gear, this is a camping tour there is no accommodation option. Carry warm clothing at all times.



There are toilets and showers at some of our camp sites.
More Info – will be sent to you once you register with your deposit

No 4WD?
We can help with the Hire of a 4WD

Refund Policy
Tour/Driver Training Deposits are non refundable unless your position can be filled, the deposit may be transferred to another date/tour or course.

Fees are payable from 1 week to 4 weeks prior to the tour/course, you will be advised when the fee is payable. Any cancellation by you after the due date for the full fee will result in forfeiture of your tour fee.