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Bushfire Recovery Tour (7 Days)


The start of 2020 has been awful to say the least. Up and down the east coast of Australia (Qld, NSW and Victoria) suffered catastrophic fire impact. But what made this fire season even worse, was its prolonged nature, with many areas being isolated for several weeks. On top of this, we now have the situation where many national parks and state forests have remained closed to the public pending removal of unsafe trees. This has resulted in an almost full stop to travel to these areas. Businesses up and down the coast are suffering badly, not to mention how terrible it is for those that had direct fire impact.

Even Great Divide Tours has had this indirect impact, our driver training centre was closed for two months while the fires were occurring (fortunately it was not directly impacted) and our tour operation has been closed down since 1 January as all areas that we visit on the east coast remain closed to the public.

This trip is specifically designed to visit the bushfire affected areas of the South Coast and East Gippsland to bring some income back into those communities. I think it is important to realize that the financial and emotional hit that all these communities have taken over Summer will be long lasting and may even lead to the closure of some businesses in the long term. The best we can do is support them and we can do this by visiting them, staying with them and eating at the local clubs, hotels and cafes. And yes, it is also supporting Great Divide Tours, we have taken a substantial financial hit due to the fires and whilst there are many assistance programs supposedly available for those affected by fires, actually qualifying for them is another story, we don’t, so it’s a matter of me doing my best to help myself and those in a similar situation. So hopefully you will get behind this trip. This is not our usual 4wd tour, it is designed to visit the populated east coast towns so we can bring some needed income to them.

Basic Requirements For This Tour

AccredThe 4WD
Suitable to 4WDrives with high and low range.
No other vehicle requirements are required

Standard tank, fill up with fuel in the towns along the way.

You can do your own thing in regard to meals, but we strongly recommend you purchase breakfast, lunch & dinner in the towns we are visiting.

Camping gear
Not required - this tour is fully accommodated.

More Info – will be sent to you once you register with your deposit